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If you're like millions of other women, you head to the salon every five or six weeks to cover those gray roots before they become too obvious. And like other women, you've probably noticed that, with regular coloring, dyed hair can become dull and lifeless, not to mention the fact that the color can quickly fade.

Have you stopped to think about what may be sinking into your scalp while that hair color is processing? Conventional hair dyes are loaded with all kids of questionable chemicals, including ammonia, formaldehyde, parabens, heavy metals, peroxide, and sodium laurel sulphates, just to name a few. These chemicals can not only damage the hair but may also cause allergic reactions and potentially cancer.

If you're among the 75 percent of American women who admit to dyeing their hair, you're in luck. Natural hair color has come a long way over the years, and it can cover gray in a single application and leave your hair feeling soft and looking great -- without the harmful chemicals.

Ammonia-free hair color that's permanent? Yes, it does exist! Browse the aisles at your natural market and you'll find plant-based permanent hair color that's gentle on the hair. Rather than making hair dry, dull, and brittle, plant-based hair color formulas contain botanical ingredients that help nourish and protect the hair and restore its natural shine.

If you're a health-conscious consumer and care about what goes in your body, it's only natural to look for healthier alternatives to put on your body as well. Since the skin (including the scalp) will absorb anything that comes into contact with it, it's wise to avoid chemicals that could be potentially harmful.

Go ahead and cancel your next salon appointment. After using plant-based hair dye, you'll be hooked. If the benefits to your health don't convince you, the feel of your soft, healthy hair and even, long-lasting coverage of grays will. And it's all thanks to natural, nourishing botanicals.

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