Hair, Skin, Nails : Surviving the Ice Age

By Janet Angel,Ph,D.

It is the wisdom of plants that continues to amaze us. No matter what the climate or setting plants have existed from the ocean depths to mountain peaks; some with outstanding abilities to not only survive the assaults of nature but to thrive beyond compare.

And so it was with the peppery Horopito plant native only to the rain forests in New Zealand where the brilliant Maori Indians discovered its beneficial applications to thwart the growth of fungus. Imagine a humid environment in a darkened forest where little light could penetrate. Naturally one would find, as botanists know, many forms of fungi proliferating in the shaded damp forest, infact, taking over many plants and bringing them to their demise in time.

What the Maori Indians uncovered was a form of botanical strength that had emerged unscathed for 65 billion years! The Horopito plant is one of a select group of fauna that had the ability to survive all changes of climate including the ice age! Imagine now the properties it possesses to repulse not only the insects but also the dinosaurs! It is understood that bugs detest even lighting on its leaves for a moment. This was a clue to the perceptive indigenous people that it contained elements to help eliminate parasitic infestations on and in the human body. They begin to chew the leaves and to apply them for external troubles such as skin rashes and . They would steep leaves in boiling pots and drink the brew finding relief from digestive troubles.

It was due to the visit of a nun who recognized the powerful healing properties of this plant that Horopito became popularized in New Zealand and is farmed only by a few select growers. In modern society where the 21st century condition of yeast overgrowth has flourished mainly due the overuse of antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills and processed foods saturated with sugars, we find relief in rebalancing things such as candida yeast levels with the use of this amazing plant.

The brand name of the horopito plant worldwide is called KOLOREX. It has been diligently tested by universities and laboratories in New Zealand and has gone head to head in performance with OTC and prescription fungal medications. To date there are no known side effects with appropriate use of this plant. In America it is distributed solely by Natures Sources, LLC. It is available as a tea, in capsule form and in two different creams for applications to soothe skin irritations and itching caused by fungal overgrowth.

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